Our Facilities

  • 3000 Tonne Slipway
  • Vessels To 100m
  • Largest in the Pacific
  • Highly Qualified staff work 24/7
  • Deep water berths
  • Outfit Wharves
  • 2 Cranes
  • 3 elevated work platforms
  • 3 Workboats
  • 350 Tonne Drydock
  • Full Machine Workshop
  • Propeller Repitching

Tropical Reef Shipyard has a 100m, 3000 tonne capacity slipway catering for a wide variety of vessel types.  As the largest slipway north of Brisbane, Australia and one of the largest in the Pacific, when combined with our deep water berths and outfit/repair wharves, we are able to cater to many different size vessels. In addition to the large slipway, the shipyard also has a floating dock facility capable of docking vessels up to 350 tonnes. This allows for slipway or afloat repairs of vessels.

The yard is fully equipped with Cranes up to 100 tonnes, Elevated Work Platforms, Commercial Spray Machines, Water Blasters up to 40,000psi and workboats to 3 tonne bp to assist with vessel movements, amongst many other industry specialised equipment.
The full machine workshop includes repairs and rebalancing of propellers, which is carried out in-house.
Our onsite store allows for the provision of essential stock items, which assists with a fast turnaround of vessels.

The combination of our skilled staff and contractor base ensures we provide you with full customer service.